We’ll soon be able to hack our nerves into controlling diseases

The new method could treat a wide range of diseases, from diabetes to arthritis.

The City of London Corporation bans leasing or purchasing diesel vehicles for its businesses

The organization takes improving air quality “extremely seriously,” and has thus decided to clamp down on diesel vehicles.

These are the most metal words in the English language, data scientist says

Rock on, brothers.

The Zika virus might have reached the U.S., Florida governor warns

Should the virus get a foothold in southern Florida, containing it might become difficult, if not impossible.

Oldest case of human cancer is 1.7 million years old

Not a modern-day disease after all.

Hormone therapy successfully used to stop cells from aging for the first time

A male sex hormone could keep our cells young forever.

Too big to orbit: Jupiter is so massive it doesn’t actually orbit the Sun

They actually take one another for a spin.

By 2040 our computers will use more power than we can produce

I didn’t know they could do that.

How does radar work?

From radar guns to stealth bombers, this is how — and why — they all work.

Scientists find a woman that can see 99 million more colors than you or me

Just one extra cell type can make a huge difference.

The European Science Open Forum starts today, here’s why you should care

This year’s conference will run from the 24th to the 27th of July, and we’ll be right there, to make sure you can see what’s happening.

Unsettling sculpture showcases how humans would look if we evolved to survive car crashes

Kinda looks like an end-boss in an RPG.

Need to ward off pesky mosquitoes? Sleep with a chicken over your head

Believe it or not, there’s actual scientific proof backing this advice.

Google used DeepMind to cut their electricity bill by a whopping 15%

That adds up to a lot of money.

How bringing cougars to cities could actually save lives

These big cats could save a lot of people — if we let them.

Whales mourn, and grieve, and feel the loss of a loved one — just like you or me

We all know the pain and harrowing loneliness of losing a loved one, and it seems whales do too.

One of the oldest known New Testament copies could have been written in pee-based ink

This ink is number 1. Literally.

Birds in suburbs defend their territory more aggressively than their rural counterparts

City birds aren’t very friendly to each other.

Grand study finds that diversity of life on Earth dropped below “safe” limits

Less species, more problems.

DIY bladeless fan from a water jug and some vases, via Rudolf Maker

Be a man, make your fan.