Write for us

If you take pleasure in reading ZME Science, want to share some knowledge, or have something you want to raise awareness on, there’s no reason why you can’t join the fun, right? What we’re interested in is people who are serious and enthusiastic about what they are sharing (whether it’s articles, pictures, etc). If you work in science related fields, or if there’s a small study you performed, that’s even better, but as we say, it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

What the advantages are:

  • All of our collaborators get recommendations and credentials from our behalf, for use at University (for journalism students) or a future job position as writer – scientific or not. We have a lot of former contributors who’ve successfully gotten hired, and were helped by the work they did here.
  • You’ll be joining an energetic team of open minded and well documented people, who are very passionate about any scientific field
  • You will have an audience of over 20.000 people each day and over 600.000 each month.
  • You can write from anywhere in the world, even the comfort of your own bed. After all, we’re just an online publication, so there’s no need to drop by our office or anything like that.
  • You will find out about a number of scientific finds and discoveries without having to buy the publication.
  • You might get the channce to attend conferences or symposium, and enter educational, scientific or environmental programs.
  • You could get various gadgets, t-shirts, books, green devices, etc.
  • For those of you who already author a science/green blog, this can be your chance to publicize it. If you join our team, you’ll get your blog’s name (and link, of course) listed next to your very own name.


  • Solid knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge about the topic for which you are writing
  • Enthusiasm and commitment

Previous experience is not a requirement but is definitely a plus.

Special mention:

We don’t allow any commercial links in our guest posts! While we encourage any knowledgeable and passionate people to write and share their knowledge with us, we don’t encourage you to write for the link – therefore, all links in guest posts (aside for scientific journals, Wikipedia, etc) will be no-follow, in compliance with the Google terms. Your blog/website will still be mentioned as a valuable resource in the article if you desire, through a no-follow link.

Interested? Contact andrei [at] zmescience.com with mail title “ZME contributor“.