Up to 80 percent of all wildfires in the U.S. are started by humans

Wildfires are generally good for forests but the current trend is anything but natural.

The different types of forests: everything you need to know

The green lungs of the earth come in many different varieties.

Mindblowing fact of the day: sharks are older than trees

That’s seriously badass!

Scientists use sound waves to ‘listen’ for decay in trees

The longer a sound wave takes to transverse the trunk, the more decayed the tree is.

Gold growing on trees offers a new prospecting tool

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Take this grandpa!

“Extinct” elms discovered doing just fine in the Queen’s gardens, Edinburgh

It’s good to be Queen. But it’s even better to be the Queen’s elms.

Douglas fir forests are buckling under the heat, pausing their growth altogether

Silly trees, can’t they set the thermostat lower, like the rest of us?

Trees trade carbon through their roots, using symbiotic fungi networks

A forest’s trees capture carbon not only for themselves, but also engage in an active “trade” of sorts with their neighbors, a new study found. University of Basel botanists found that this process, conducted by symbiotic fungi in the forest’s soil, takes place even among trees of different species.

Europe might lose its ash trees forever

Europe is likely to lose all its ash trees, the largest-ever survey of the species warns. Plagued by both a fungal disease known as ash-dieback and an invasive species of beetle, the emerald ash borer, the tree might be wiped clean off of the continent.

Surreal crooked trees shaped by Antarctic winds

Wind gusts are so unforgiving that the trees themselves molded into weird and crooked shapes. There’s an almost surreal beauty to their shape, though — it brings harshness to life. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world.