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Japanese spaceship loaded with ISS trash burns after entering Earth atmoshpere

Artist impression of Japan's robotic cargo ship, the H-2 Transfer Vehicle, entering Earth's atmosphere. (c) JAXA

Yesterday, Japan’s unmanned space freighter Kounotori 2, of the H-2 Transfer Vehicle class, intentionally entered Earth’s atmosphere where it crashed and burned after its two months mission supplying the International Spate Station – with it a slew of junk off the space station was dumped. Attached to the H-2 Transfer Vehicle was also a sensor which measured and transmitted various data back to scientists of the plunging inferno headed straight into the Pacific Ocean. The device is called Re-entry Breakup Recorder, or REBR for short – recorded temperature, acceleration, rotational rate and other data during the spacecraft’s high dive into Earth’s atmosphere. The REBR device didn’t need to be recovered,…