Where you shop influences how healthily you eat — but only about half as much as who you are

All food is good. But only some of it is good for you.

NASA is designing small away-from-home-ecosystems to make space exploration sustainable

Recycle everything!!!

What is gluten and why some people have gluten intolerance

Gluten Morgen!

Bacterial communities take turns to eat when food becomes scarce

Aww, they have tiny economic agreements, ain’t that cute?

Eating fruit may have given primates their big brains, paving the way for social structures

Chow down.

Cooking at home is cheaper, more healthy, less fattening — a major boost for nutritional sustainability

Writing this article left me starving. To the pans!

Students will eat at the salad bar — all it takes is marketing and some parental help

You don’t need an ID for this bar.

Seaweed might have helped determine who we are today

Feasting on seaweeds is good for your brain — in fact, it may have been crucial.

NASA establishes first Space Technology Research Institutes to make Mars a self-sufficient colony

“Producing > packing” — NASA.

A fifth of the world’s food is lost to waste and over-eating

The world grows enough food. The challenge lies in controlling waste and protein distribution.