Cooking at home is cheaper, more healthy, less fattening — a major boost for nutritional sustainability

Writing this article left me starving. To the pans!

Students will eat at the salad bar — all it takes is marketing and some parental help

You don’t need an ID for this bar.

Seaweed might have helped determine who we are today

Feasting on seaweeds is good for your brain — in fact, it may have been crucial.

NASA establishes first Space Technology Research Institutes to make Mars a self-sufficient colony

“Producing > packing” — NASA.

A fifth of the world’s food is lost to waste and over-eating

The world grows enough food. The challenge lies in controlling waste and protein distribution.

Your brain tricks you into seeing difficult goals as less appealing

Thanks brain…

Taxing junk food and subsidizing healthy items will make us live longer and save billions in the health system

That’s 500,000 extra years of healthy life and more than AUD 3 billion in costs for Australia’s current population.

Dogs and capuchins judge you as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, hint at the birth of human morality

Something as simple as opening a jar goes a long way with anyone. Even other species.

Healthy Snacks That Might Boost Work Productivity

Gimme some of that avocado, I got a lot of work to do.

Have dinner earlier if you’re trying to lose weight, study says

Minding when you eat might be just as important as what, when you’re trying to slim down.