Astronomers have discovered the largest body of water so far known, a reservoir of water floating in space around a ancient distant quasar,  holding 140 trillion times the mass of water in the Earth’s oceans.

Artist impression of a quasar. (c) NASA/ESA

Artist impression of a quasar. (c) NASA/ESA

Remarkably enough, the find was dated as being 12 billion light years away, only  1.6 billion light years farther from the Big Bang.

“Since astronomers expected water vapor to be present even in the early universe, the discovery of water is not itself a surprise,” said the Carnegie Institution in statement, one of the groups behind the findings, said.

The water cloud was found to be in the central regions of a faraway quasar.

“Quasars contain massive black holes that steadily consuming a surrounding disk of gas and dust; as it eats, the quasar spews out amounts of energy,” the Institution continued in its statement.


And a lot of it, I might add. Quasars are the most powerful known entities in space, with this particular one pumping out 1,000 trillion times more energy than our sun, and 65,000 times the whole of the Milky Way. The black hole found at the quasar’s center has a mass 20 billion times greater than the sun.

NASA scientist Matt Bradford has said, “The environment around this quasar is very unique in that it’s producing this huge mass of water. It’s another demonstration that water is pervasive throughout the universe, even at the very earliest times.”

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While water vapors are known to be found through out the Universe, it’s not that common of a sight. In the Milky Way, water vapor surfaces are found only in particular regions a few light years across at most, however, the water in the distant quasar appears to be spread over hundreds of light years.

The find came as part of a quasar study called “APM 08279+5255”, which gathered on observations first commenced by NASA three years ago in 2008, made using an instrument called “Z-Spec” at the California Institute of Technology’s Submillimeter Observatory. The instrument is a 33-foot (10-meter) telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

“Breakthroughs are coming fast in millimeter and submillimeter technology, enabling us to study ancient galaxies caught in the act of forming stars and supermassive black holes,” says CU-Boulder associate professor Jason Glenn.

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    Genesis 1:6-7  Then God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so.

    God is pretty awesome!  :)

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  3. 3

    It’s exhausting to have to keep pointing these things out to christians.
    Genesis 1:6-7 was copied from the Epic of Gilgamesh.  This is a well known fact among scholars.  You know, people who read other things besides the bible.  
    One may find that the entirety of the bible was copied from either previous poems or stories and books based on previous religions.
    This is a fact.  How it is a fact?  Because these books, poems and stories were written long before the bible.   In some cases thousands upon thousands of years before the bible.
    Wake up.

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  5. 5

    If the original manuscripts of the bible actually still existed that would disprove that they are in fact real as the original material as pointed out in the bible would not be able to last for thousands of years. In no way does the fact the original bible manuscripts no longer exist prove that the bible was written after Gilgamesh. Rather, it further supports that the timeline of the bible writings are in harmony with history. Countless prophecies written prior to them happening in history further support the authenticity of the bible. History gives evidence on that. From the fall of Babylon by the Persian king Cyrus to the coming of the Messiah and the fall of Jerusalem in 607 BCE. There are countless more, but how many proofs does an individual need in order to believe in something? Faith in the bible is based on fact as Hebrews 11:1 points out. So many who believe in countless other theories that in themselves conflict each other to such a degree that none of which could all be accurate, but some will spend their whole life on theories with no way to prove them. No other book in human history has undergone as much attack and attempts to be totally destroyed and yet its the number one selling book of all time. the bible had some 40 men inspired by God over 1600 years. Man today can’t send out a simple email with out everybody who receives it interpreting differently. For any serious student of the bible its completely harmonious from beginning to end. How ironic that you think of your self as an intelligent person that was just a random event, but nothing you will ever do or any man for that matter can compare to the works of creation. So even with your intelligence you can’t duplicate anything that by your own admission came into existence with no thought at all. I bet if you would in the middle of the woods and came across a house that was poorly constructed I could never convince you that it just came to be on its own. The universe has clear design because it had a creator. Just like our bodies show his work. There is a clear designer in all of creation. The bible helps us to understand who he is. Proverbs 3:4,5. King David merely looked up at the sky and could appreciate and marvel at the work of his creator. Again there are countless proofs in the bible that it is in fact inspired by God. One only need to take a humble approach and acknowledge that their is a creator. As scientist continue to see the vastness and complexity of the ever growing known universe many have reasoned that their is clear structure and order as is with everything that God has created. We should expect nothing less from him. But if you have a hard time accepting what’s in the bible you need to do your research on the history of the bible. The facts speak for themselves and having knowledge of those facts can help a person to discern that there is ample evidence to support the timeline of the complete work from the time of Moses (wrote the first 4 books) to the time of the Apostle John (the last author of the bible). Again I can’t answer for you how many proofs do you require to believe in something. The proof of a master designer is all around us. One just needs to look up and gaze at the stars as David did. One can argue that well. Christianity is so corrupt how could this be source of truth. The bible speaks on this in great detail. Satan uses many machinations to mislead people. The bible clearly shows that so called religious leaders would mislead people. True Christians have always been persecuted by the religious and government leaders dating all the way back to Jesus. The church was the ones trying to burn the bible and destroy it, so that the good message could not be sent. Despite all their efforts the bible is very much intact. No other work can compare and naturally its because its inspired by God. Do some research on the History of the bible and then you may be ready to take in some accurate knowledge of what it contains. Until you understand its origins why should you believe what’s in it?

  6. 6

    for over a 1000 years many experts believed that the bible was written much later in time, but then they found the dead sea scrolls. That might be a good place for you to start your research.  If you sincerely want to know the truth I can greatly help you with the history of the bible and we don’t ever have to open it up. Take this from a history standpoint and not a religous.  You appreciate the history of gilgamesh you should research the history of the bible.

  7. 7

    Well known scholars are will known for changing there stance. Although we can’t prove everything in the bible nothing has ever been disproven. As man continues to unearth artifacts they further validate the bible.  Many people, places, cities in the bible were thought to be only in the bible, but if you did some research you will find that , just in the last few decades more proofs have been discovered to support what the bible has always proven to be.  look up the city of Ur.  look up Pilate of Rome.  so many more, but again   I will ask one last time…How many proofs do you need to believe in something.   1…10…100? there are thousands of proofs to support the bible in so many ways that don’t even touch the religous aspect of the bible. This is just history and physical evidence. Something that I would think you would appreciate. 

  8. 8  I’m not even a fan of this, but since there are countless more examples of the flood then just the bible and gilgamesh couldnt you reason that there must have been some historical event to have happen to spread a story so vastly?  The story of Gilgamesh in itself can’t support that.  The book of Genesis having many different versions through out the land as the earth was populated and people would pass on stories about the great flood, and then when God chose to cast out different languages it is completely harmonious with history and the bible account. (look up the Mandarian symbol for Flood) There just isnt any substance to the notion that the genesis account came from the epic of Gilgamesh. we should never tire from sharing truths supported by physical evidence. Faith is founded on fact.  I would however be exhuasted trying to find the answers to the universe by looking in all the wrong places blindly putting faith in thoeries that conviently can’t be proven, or keep getting revamped. The bible is all I need to stay on track.

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    for more researched information from NASA regarding the mass resevoir floating in space with amazing images do visit

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    Who’s the more foolish , the fool or the fool who follows him? There’s nothing like having a good blaster by your side.

  18. 18

    to read more about it visit

  19. 19

    check this out,i bet no one will skip seeing it

  20. 20

    As a believer in a Creator and as a Muslim, I would not be surprised if common data is found throughout religions, the reason alone does not undermine any of the three Abrahamiac religions, why? Again, as a Muslim, and knowing from the Qur’an that God has sent many messengers and prophets some we were informed about and some we were not, who are you to say that “Gigamesh” or anyone else to that matter was not a true prophet from God who spoke common things to Islam, Christianity and Judaism, after all, if the teacher is the same, one is apt to find many similarities, but then, why the differences and the contradictions between the religions that are supposed to have come from this One Creator or teacher? The reason is us, humans, the masters of deception and confusion. We change what God reveals and through time, much of the original message is lost and what remains is but a little of what was, but then, why would God allow His revelations to be changed? He did and He did not, as revelations changed and people diversified and radiated, there were need for new prophets to remind people and the prophets were culminated by the messenger of God Muhammad who was sent with the Qur’an, a Book that claims to be the last revelation from the Creator and the only book that claims to be from God that has not changed a bit from day one and the only book that is supported by empirical evidence.

  21. 21

    If there is no god where do you think the world came from are you so dumb and anti Christ the devil will love you

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    a fool in his heart says there is a god

    you were aware that constantine commissioned some priests and bishops to sift through the ancient texts and make a book that would create fear of an awesome god.

    religion is a tax free organization making billions every year, while there are millions of poor and starving dying each day.

    what does your god need with money and why is he ignoring those who actually need help?

  26. 26

    What god did people believe in before Jesus. Say 1000 years before… god for those folk?

  27. 27

    Yeah i am a muslim and we do believe that yeah stories are copied because there is on god that sends down these books and scriptures. So is not really copy

  28. 28

    It’s not really coping because we are all worshipping the same god,us muslims believe that god does not have a son he has messengers but christians and Jews believe that he has a son, but in the end it is the same god sending books and scriptures as time passes like an updated version

  29. 29

    The bible has been changed through out time and so has the old testament the only book that has not changed over time is the quraan which the scientists even support recently they found a 1400 year old copy of the quran that is exactly the same (quran was written 1400 years ago) which further supports what i am saying

  30. 30

    Who do you think set the explosion why don’t i set a fire cracker outside my house and hope some day it pops and whole galxies come out of it. Think about what your saying

  31. 31

    The creator duh its not like there was no creator before jesus came and became a prophet or messenger of the creator the god the almighty the most forgiving

  32. 32

    So science achieves something tangible and measurable by scientists and the credit goes to the bible and God? I believe the more proper and respectful response should have been, “Science is pretty awsome!”

  33. 33

    Well, there were Greek gods and other imaginary deities. In fact, most of those stories are where the whole Christian religion is stolen from. Very little (if any) of Christianity is original.

  34. 34

    “God is pretty awesome! :)”

    YOUR “God” is awesome because he is in your head, and so he agrees with the things you agree with and disagrees with the thing you disagree with. In reality. There is not “God”, and ignorance is bliss.

  35. 35
  36. 36

    ” its not like there was no creator before jesus”

    Actually. It is. Just like there is still no creator after some guy claimed to be a prophet.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but now you can actually enjoy life instead of worrying about some invisible sky daddy punishing you for being the way he made you (according to religious beliefs)

  37. 37

    I believe the more proper and respectful response should have been, “Science is pretty awsome!”

    But religious morons don’t believe in science and technology. That’s why they all pray when they get sick or hurt. Then when that don’t work, they get on their phones and computers and tell everyone they had to go to the hospital and see a doctor to get better.

  38. 38

    “God is pretty awesome! :)”

    Tell that to the starving kids in 3rd world countries. Or to the little girl that was raped and murdered. Or the family who’s home was just destroyed in a storm and they lost everything. Yeah. Your god is not awesome. He’s an ass hole. Good thing he is not real.

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