Sure, we’ve all heard of Egypt’s pyramids, but have you heard of Sudan’s pyramids? Well, you really should have – they’ve survived in the African desert for 3,000 years, and they’re absolutely spectacular, as we can all see, thanks to this National Geographic drone footage.

These pyramids were built by Nubians, the rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdoms. The Kushites were an ancient African kingdom situated in today’s Sudan. Approximately 255 pyramids were constructed over a period of a few hundred years to serve as tombs for the kings and queens of the area, though they are much smaller than the Egyptian ones.

All of the pyramid tombs of Nubia were plundered in ancient times and all of the jewelry and valuable possessions were stolen; however, archaeologists have discovered bows, quivers of arrows, archers’ thumb rings, horse harnesses, wooden boxes, furniture, pottery, colored glass, metal vessels, and many other artifacts which helped them date and frame the pyramids into a historical context. But we still have much to learn about them, and this footage definitely helps:

“The best part with the helicopter is I can fly over and gain this connection between all the other burial sites, between the pyramid and the temple, and get an understanding of what that is from the air,” National Geographic Society engineer and drone pilot, Alan Turchik, explains in the video above.


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    what they found was an old community. they all were not big grand pyramids like the Giza. they were however, all made by the same beings. lol. those Sudanese could barely budge that one stone. i think it took 4 of them to turn it over.

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    Is there a reference to some paper with archeological work done on them? Any site plan? Any detail plan of any one of these pyramids? The article seems to be rather sketchy, and the video is like a tourist guide.

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    “..were plundered in ancient times..”. That’s not the whole truth. Just like in Egypt and many other poor countries where European tomb raiders and robbers stole and shipped tons of artifacts and bones (with no respect for the deads) back to Europe, these pyramids were no exception. It was Italian tomb robber Giuseppe Ferlini who literally blew the top of more than 40 tombs and stole all the gold and other treasures he found inside of them.

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    Lol Ive been in Sudan for the last 9 years. Thing is, the Egyptians raided their tombs not the Europeans, it's a well known fact moron!

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    So, by being in Sudan for 9 years you've discovered some "evidence" that contradicts a known historical fact about the Italian tomb raider huh? And please change your name if you can't have a discussion without insulting people. As a muslim, I'm ashamed.

  10. 10

    Salaam, ate kwes? Ante Mushkala Wala! You know nothing, you should be ashamed you insulent, rude DOG! Yes the Egyptians raided the Sudanese tombs aghmak! Now come over here and tell 50th lion Sudanese your idiot story, you lier, go to hell

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