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First entropy-stabilized complex oxide alloy synthesized by NCSU

Schematic illustration of an entropy stabilized oxide at the atomic scale.
Image via nanowerk

North Carolina State University researchers have succeeded in proving that the crystalline structure of a material can be formed by disorder at an atomic level and not chemical bonds, by creating the world’s first entropy-stabilized alloy incorporating oxides.

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Artificial tooth is as good as the real deal

The left structure is showing the natural tooth in its gypsum mold, the middle structure is the artificial tooth (sintered but not yet polymer infiltrated). The model on the right has been sintered and polymer infiltrated. It is embedded in a "puck" to enable polishing and coated with Platinum to prevent charging in the electron microscope.
Image credits: Tobias Niebel/ETH Zurich

Fewer materials in nature rival the toughness and resilience of a tooth or a seashell, and it’s all due to their unique structure; viewed under powerful enough microscope, they reveal layers upon layers of micro-plates, perfectly aligned and fused together. Material scientists have long sought to produce something that imitates these structures, with comparable properties and complexity, but apart from nacre (mother-of-pearl) they’ve had very little success. Until now.

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New technique can identify any known virus in a blood sample – without fail

Image via rna-seqblog

Ian Lipkin, a virus hunter from Columbia University, along with fellow professors Thomas Briese and Amit Kapoor have designed a new system, known as VirCapSeq-VERT, that they claim can detect any known human virus in a blood sample.

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Watch these drones build a rope bridge that’s safe to walk on


Drones are often feared as instruments of destruction, and as John Oliver pointed out, in some parts of the world, people fear blue skies because that’s when the drones strike. But this technology isn’t only used to destroy – it can also be used to create, as demonstrated by these very efficient quadrocopters building a rope bridge. Flying machines, by definition,

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Sustainable yoga mat from algae is clean and healthy


When you’re doing your yoga or workout routine, the last thing on your mind is if your mat is sustainable – but two companies have exactly that in mind. They’re designing a comfortable and sustainable mat from the unlikeliest of materials: algae.

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Robot Bartender Serves Hundreds of Drinks at Berlin Party


Robotics has developed tremendously in recent years, and will almost surely continue to do so in the future. We have surgical robots, hotels run by robots, robots that learn, even samurai robots! After all, it makes sense we finally got some bartender robots, right? After MIT showed off its “Beerbots” that bring you beer while you’re on the couch, we have HoLLiE, a robot bartender that did a fantastic job at a party in Berlin, making and serving over 280 cocktails!

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Scientists create vomiting machine to study viral infections

Image credits: Grace Tung-Thompson.

Inventions are at the very core of human development, and quite often, the scope of the invention is not easy to grasp. Such is the case with a new “vomiting machine” which will be used to study noroviruses – fast spreading viruses that cause acute gastroenteritis.

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This book can clean murky waters and save lives


Books and education save lives – but the Drinkable Book took things to the next level. Using the bacteria-killing properties of silver and copper, a US researcher has developed a low cost, light and cool way of purifying drinking water: through a book.

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Tesla reveals new robot snake that will charge your car


Tesla released a video in which they unveil a crazy new prototype – a robotic arm that automatically moves and charges your car, without having to move a single finger. Elon Musk (Tesla’s founder, CEO and mastermind) teased the concept on Twitter back in December 2014, when he said the company is working on a snake-like charger “for realz”, and now… it’s

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World’s first Braille smartwatch is a gamechanger for the blind

Image credits: Dot.

Many of the things we take for granted can be challenging and difficult for blind people – smartphones especially have much less utility for them, as do smartwatches. Enter the stage Dot – the world’s first Braille smartwatch could close that gap, allowing people without sight to use and interact with smart devices.