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The world’s smallest functional drill is cute and smaller than a coin


Few people can claim to have built their own dream, but New Zealander Lance Abernethy can – he has taken his passion for small things to the next level and built the smallest functional drill. With the help of technology (in the form of 3D printing), his passion and patience created this new device based on the design of a conventional

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Japan opens up a hotel run entirely by robots – and yes, there are dinosaurs


If you’re thinking about the future days when robots will replace humans, well… those days are already here. The Henn-na Hotel (“Strange Hotel”) is staffed entirely by robots, including a dinosaur receptionist. They also have no room keys and a remarkable energy efficiency. ‘What we have strove to achieve with Henn-na Hotel is “The Ultimate in Efficiency,” ‘they write on

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3D-Printed Bottle Caps Will Let You Know When the Milk Has Gone Bad

UC Berkeley engineers created a ‘smart cap’ using 3D-printed plastic with embedded electronics to wirelessly monitor the freshness of milk.(Photo and schematic by Sung-Yueh Wu)

A new study published in Nature describes the creation of a new sensor which will allow us to know when our liquid food has gone bad – and it may not be long until we can all 3D print bottle caps with these sensors at home.

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Revolutionary lamp works 8 hours on 1 glass of salt water

Image via SALt.

Artificial light is something we take for granted and simply don’t think about – but for some communities, light can be a luxury. In the 7,000 scattered islands of the Philippines, light can be very scarce, and saltwater is abundant. With that in mind, SALt engineers have designed a lamp that runs on salt water. Lipa Aisa Mijena combined her

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Remember the Tesla batteries that could take your house off the grid? Now, Tesla’s back with more

Image via Transporter Evolved.

In March, we were telling you about Tesla Motors’ new development, a new battery that could take your home off the grid and eliminate one of the major problems associated with renewable energy – storing it. Now, Tesla is already rolling out the new generation with some remarkable feature. The coolest one? Liquid cooling!

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NASA builds drone prototype for Mars flight

The proposed Prandtl-m is based on the Prandtl-d seen coming in for a landing during a flight test in June. The aerodynamics offer a solution that could lead to the first aircraft on Mars.
Credits: NASA Photo / Ken Ulbrich

NASA is preparing to send a drone to Mars by 2024 – they’ve already developed a small, lightweight craft that could conduct aerial surveys and identify potential landing areas and zones of interest.

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The world’s first 3D printer supercar looks stunning, has amazing specs and is eco-friendly


It can reach 100 km/h (60 mph) in 2 seconds, it has a 700 horsepower engine, it weighs 90% less than traditional cars, it has less emissions and it’s 3D printed – it may very well be the car of the future. Despite technological developments, the automobile industry has remained relatively stagnant in the past few decades. Sure, you have

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Teens create condom that changes color if you have an STD

Image via Kmoj FM.

A group of UK teenages have invented a condom that changes colors and glows if you/he have/has an STD. Aptly named the S.T. EYE, the condom has a built-in chemical detector that detects infections such as chlamydia and syphilis, and lets you (and your partner) know.

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Gold Nanospirals Might Protect Your Identity

World's smallest spirals could guard against identity theft | Research News @ Vanderbilt

Microscopic swirls from gold might be the key to protect your cash and credit cards in the future, making identity theft virtually impossible. Researchers at Vanderbilt University developed the “Archimedes spirals” and report that they produce four times more blue light per unit volume than currently existing frequency amplifiers; they could be printed on currency, ID cards and pretty much everything that’s important to prevent counterfeiting.

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Futuristic Urban Algae Folly Grows Food, Fuel, and Shade

Image via Inhabitat.

It almost looks too futuristic to be true, but the prototype was already developed. London-based ecoLogicStudio has taken this innovative concept and made it a reality at the Milan 2015 Expo. Using only the Sun’s energy, the Algae Folly is the perfect intersection of technology, design… and food.