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Questions and Answers: The Higgs Boson

elementary particles

As I told you shortly before, we’ll be answering all questions we receive from you guys on the site here, so everybody can benefit; again, if you have any scientific questions, to throw them our way and we’ll get them as soon as possible Question: What the heck is a Higgs Boson, and why should we care? This one’s tricky. First of all, we don’t know if the Higgs boson is real; if it were real, it would be an elementary particle, meaning that it has no other substructure – it isn’t built of anything else, it is one of the building blocks of the Universe. We don’t know a…

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Answering our readers: The Earth’s core

fossil fuels

I’ve been receiving questions from you people for years now – and really, this made me happy, because it says that people want to learn and understand more. But I’ve been answering them individually, and now, I’m thinking it would be better to post the answers on the website, so more people can read them. So, starting today, we have a new category, in which we’ll be doing just this; also, I’d like to take advantage of this to encourage you to send any scientific questions you might have, regardless of how silly you might feel they are – we’ll do our best to answer them. I’ll post a shorter…