If you ask someone to name an animal they find cute, chances are “sea slugs” won’t come up too often. That is, unless you’re from Japan. Konnichiwa!

More like konnichid’aaaaaaaw.
Image via life.cookingpanda.com

Japan’s Twittersphere has just rediscovered (and is loosing its collective mind over) what is probably the cutest sea slug ever – Jorunna parva, a sea slug that looks like a fluffy bunny.

The slugs can be found from the Indian Ocean to the Philippines to Japan, where they have taken the internet by storm. And the combination of cute bunny ears and a bushy tail makes them undeniably adorable.

Image via sunsetlog.sblo.jp

The little ears are their sensory organs, called rhinophores.

Image via webboard.yenta4.com

They are chemoreceptors, providing a mix between taste and smell that help the little slugs navigate their way on the sea floor.

Image via alfa.lt


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