Great Pics

The Arctic Sentinels [pic]

This picture was taken last winter in Finland, where temperatures go well beneath 0 degrees Celsius; This makes for a unique landscape, where everything is white and frozen as far as the eyes can see and surreal landscapes like this one occur occasionally.

Picture taken by Nicolo Bonfadini

  • Barbara Spring

    I blog about the Great Lakes: and I have written a book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.

  • Arttu Manninen

    Sort of funny to read that temperatures go below 0˚C as if it would be much of anything. It’s just 32˚F anyway. Temperatures around where the picture was taken go annually even down to -40˚C, which respectively is -40˚F. Some years ago I was doing downhill skiing in those conditions. :)

    Those sentinels are most likely on top of a fell and they suffer of high winds on top of the freezing temperatures.