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Hawaii: then, now and the future of its Geology illustrated in a Fantastic Comic


Right now, flowing rivers of bubbling lava are crossing the Hawaiian countryside well through residential areas, where it devastated roads, a cemetery and a private property. The slow-moving lava from the erupting Kilauea volcano has been advancing on the town of Pahoa for weeks, with officials warning it is hot enough to incinerate any homes, roads and businesses in its path. While…

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Amazing Photographs of Black Water Creatures

An octopus holding what appears to be Portuguese man o' war tentacles. Credit: Joshua Lambas

Each night, thousands upon thousands of deep-sea species head to the surface to feed, where they can absorb more oxygen or feed in the more nutrient dense waters. It’s the world’s largest migration and Lambus is there to photograph it so the rest of us mortals can experience a glimpse. …

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GeoPicture of the Day: Oklahoma Supercell

Image credits: the Minerva Studio.

No, what you see here isn’t a gateway to hell or an alien invasion. What you see here is a supercell – a thunderstorm that is characterized by the presence of a mesocyclone: a deep, persistently rotating updraft. Supercells are usually found isolated from other thunderstorms, although they can sometimes be embedded in a squall line. Typically, supercells are found in the…

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Stunning photo shows a spider “fixing” a leaf


Well, this spider isn’t trying to fix the leaf, as much as it’s taking advantage of the situation to find a tasty meal – but this doesn’t make the photo any less amazing. There’s no Photoshop or image manipulation involved here. Paris-based photographer Bertrand Kulik took the picture of this tiny spider who managed to construct its web inside a leaf…

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Slumbering lions win wildlife photography award


The magnificent picture you see above won the Wildlife Photography of the Year award. But this isn’t only an out of context image – it comes with a story. Michael “Nick” Nichols tracked the pride of big cats for six months before capturing the stunning shot which includes not only the slumbering pride, but also a magnificent African sky on the…

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Planet Earth through the eyes of an Astronaut

On a clear day you can see forever (or at least form Havana to Washington, D.C.).

Col. Chris Hadfield is not your typical astronaut (as far as astronauts can be seen as typical). The first Canadian to walk into outer space, Hadfield caused sensation on social media channels on various occasions, be it after recording a song while surfing gravity in the ISS or when he showed us how to brush your teeth in micro gravity. He’s most popular posts…

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People at this Festival slept in Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Feet above the Ground

mountains slackline festival

There’s nothing quite like lounging in a hammock, relaxing in the outdoors and feeling the breeze while hanging hundreds of meters from the ground. Wait, what?! You read that right – at this festival, balance is key – not just because it’s a slackline festival, but also because you get to relax and rest in hammocks hanged way above the…

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Breathtaking digital images probe human anatomy like never before


Often called  a “Digital Age Leonardo da Vinci”, Alexander Tsiaras is a digital innovator, technologist and artist. You might know him from his work that showcases beautiful digital images of the human body, made using cutting edge imaging software along with artsy tweaks. Guided by a passion for the human form and insides, Tsiaras founded the TheVisualMD, an extensive online library that documents…

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Dissecting the colossal squid – this is only the second specimen ever found

Dr Kat Bolstad, who led the dissection, showing the colossal squid's tentacles.

Smaller, yet heavier then their legendary brethren, the giant squid, the colossal squid is an elusive animal that lives deep in the Antarctic waters. Scientists have known of their existence since the 1920s, judging from scraps  found inside whales and sucker imprints on whale skin. It wasn’t until 2007 that the first complete specimen was found, and the same ship that…