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Where Biology Meets Art: BioScapes

The 2nd prize was won by Thomas Deerink, from the University of California, San Diego, for a rat brain cerebellum, magnified 300 times.

When science meets art, some seriously coolness happens – and the perfect example for this is BioScapes, an annual competition ran by Olympus. BioScapes hosts some of the most spectacular images of life seen through a microscope, as exemplified below. “Each fall, four individuals widely respected in the fields of microscopy and imaging are invited to select the winners and…

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Astropictures of the Week – as seen by the European Space Agency

While the pastel tones and fine texture of this image may bring to mind brush strokes on an artist’s canvas, they are in fact a visualisation of data from ESA’s Planck satellite. The image portrays the interaction between interstellar dust in the Milky Way and the structure of our Galaxy’s magnetic field. In this image, the colour scale represents the total intensity of dust emission, revealing the structure of interstellar clouds in the Milky Way. The texture is based on measurements of the direction of the polarised light emitted by the dust, which in turn indicates the orientation of the magnetic field.This image shows the intricate link between the magnetic field and the structure of the interstellar medium along the plane of the Milky Way. Image Credits: ESA/Planck Collaboration. Acknowledgment: M.-A. Miville-Deschênes, CNRS – Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale, Université Paris-XI, Orsay, France.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is the European equivalent of NASA. Recently, they’ve been uploading some amazing images on their website, so here is a selection of the best pictures they’ve published recently. The magnetic field of the galactic plane Ground Displacement in Bucharest, Romania South Kalimantan, Borneo Conducting skin experiments in outer space Vegetation in Europe Berlin, as seen…

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Cassini’s Stunning Pictures of Jupiter’s Southern Hemisphere

This polar map is composed of 18 colour images taken by the narrow-angle camera on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft following a flyby in 2000, but was only recently released.

When we think about Jupiter, we have a certain image in mind – the big red giant with a huge spot on its surface and rings around it. But if you look at it from “below” (from the southern Hemisphere), the planet looks entirely different, as the Cassini probe showed. “If you were to float just beneath the giant planet…

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Closeup: Intricate macro photography of insects

macro insect

We’re used to seeing most insects as tiny specks, with little details distinguishable apart from some legs and wings, but Russian photographer Vasily Menshov invites us to have a closer look. His macro photography is among the most impressive I’ve come across, beautifully displaying flies, crickets or bees in all their intricate details. Some will feel grossed out, other enlightened….

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Stunning Images of People Stepping on Lava


The floor is lava – no stepping on it! Well, that clearly wouldn’t stop this guy… The thing is that most people don’t realize that lava is really viscuous – lava is not like water, where you just step on it and sink in (despite what some movies might show you). Also, the very outside of the lava bed is…

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Mount Roraima – the most beautiful triple border in the world

Image via Imgur.

Mount Roraima is the highest of the Pakaraima mountain chain in South America and one of the most spectacular geological formations in the world. The mountain also serves as the triple border point of Venezuela (85%), Brazil (5%) and Guyana (10%). Ever since before Europeans explored the mountain and the plateau, Roraima played a very important spiritual role for the indigenous populations. The…

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Jabuticaba – the tree with fruits on its trunk

Image via Imgur.

At a first glance, it looks like there’s something terribly wrong with this tree – but this really isn’t the case. What we’re seeing here is the Jabuticaba – or the Brazilian grape tree – and those are actually its fruits, which are really tasty. Jabuticaba grows (as the name says it) mostly in Brazil, but also in Argentina, Chile…

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Sports + LED + Long Exposure Photography = Amazingly Beautiful Results


Stephen Orlando is definitely not your average photographer – he seems to always find a way to bring fresh ideas to the popular photographic sub-genre of light painting. He found a way to showcase the repetitive movements of sportsmen using LED lights, and the results are truly spectacular. Orlando’s photos use programmable strips of LED lights that can blink or change…

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8 Incredible GIFs that Explore the Human Body

immune system

The human body is a complex biological machine, where each part of the system works in tandem, from cells to whole organs, to keep us alive. When something in the system goes astray or downright haywire, disease creeps in. I’m not going to go into biological details on how the human body works – there are thousands of volumes, each…