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Repeat Photography From the 1920s and Now Shows Incredible Glacier Retreat


Repeat photography (or rephotography) is a technique in which photographs are taken repeatedly at a site to see how it evolves. It’s especially useful for glaciers, particularly because other remote ways of estimating glacial mass, depth, and rate of retreat are imperfect. These photos depict how this technique was used at a number of locations in Alaska. Here, we see…

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Cute bunny species observed for the first time in 20 years

It's extremely cute, and extremely endangered.

There’s good news, and bad news. The good news is that an extremely rare bunny has been observed for the first time in 20 years, but the bad news is that their numbers seem to have dwindled more than ever, and we may never see them again.

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This camera shaped like a gun shoots 8 bit photos of your Nintendo self

8bit camera

Time to get a bit geeky with Dmitriy Morozov latest contraption: an 8 bit camera that prints photos on a receipt. How’s that for recycling tech? As you can notice, the display is handled by none another than the Game Boy, while the hardware is controlled via the ever trusty Arduino. Morozov is a Moscow-based artist whose ‘thing’ is mixing art with diy electronics….

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Humidity-powered seed drills itself in the ground


The Stork’s Bill (Erodium circutarium) is a incredible plant which evolved its own seed drilling mechanism. The  vitamin K rich seeds have little tails that coil and uncoil with changes in humidity, burying the seed. When there’s high humidity, the seeds turn clockwise. When it’s dry, they turn counter-clockwise. This makes it particularly brilliant since no matter how wet it is outside, the seeds will still drill in the ground like a screw, thereby increasing the chance of sprouting….

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These Siberian Huskies Walking on a Frozen Lake are Eerily Beautiful


Russian photographer Fox Grom captured these breathtaking images of two Siberian Huskies walking across a giant frozen lake. The scene looks like taken from a fairy tale – the mirror-like ice, the majestic animals… it’s just amazing. Yes, I know this is not strictly science, but I hope you’ll forgive me for sometimes indulging in some fine art. I also hope…

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Syngenta Photography Award: Scarcity and Waste


  Syngenta Photography Award aims to draw attention on pressing social and environmental issues, stimulating dialogue around a number of global challenges. The competition invited both professional and amateur photographers, under two separate categories, to share their views on the theme of Scarcity–Waste and examine one of the greatest challenges facing a world with increasingly limited resources. The curatorial rationale for…

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Cannabis under the microscope: up close and personal

cannabis under the microscope

Scientists, in the lab at least, see marijuana differently from growers or users. Like other plants, once you dive into the microworld cannabis looks immensely different from the buds you see online. These amazing pictures which size up the planet’s crystals, trichomes or leafs were taken by Ford McCann and compiled in a book called  Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual…

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Strong Geomagnetic Storm Creates Spectacular Northern Lights Visible in the UK


As we wrote yesterday, we recently witnessed the strongest geomagnetic storm in this 11 year solar cycle – the storm initially started mildly, but quickly intensified. But while scientists were interested in the astronomic aspects of the storm, the most visible effect was enjoyed by skygazers – as a “side effect”, the storm sent dazzling vibrant shades of purple, green and…

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Beautiful map shows the mind-boggling extent of our underwater Internet cables


As we go around our daily lives with wireless internet and satellite smartphones, it’s easy to forget that at the core of modern internet, there are hundreds of thousands of submarine cables lying on the ocean floor – sometimes at depths nearing 8,000 metres. Those cables help transmit 99 percent of all international data and without them, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist – so let’s give them a bit of credit.

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The LED sun: artificial light completely mimics properties of natural sunlight

natural light led

In many ways, society was transformed by the advent of the light bulb. Suddenly, people could now stay up late, work, study or party without being at the mercy of the sun. A side effect, however, is that our bodies natural wake/sleep patterns have been considerably altered and artificial light is nothing like the real deal – the sun’s life nurturing rays, so essential to our health. In an effort to help people who spend long hours in poorly lit offices or live in areas with little sunlight (Beijing, anyone?), a team of Italian engineers have developed a remarkable LED-based lighting system which mimics natural sunlight. Yes, this is a low-input LED sun!…