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Fantastic Fungi: Mind Blowing Mushroom Diversity Photographed by Steve Axford

Marasmius haematocephalus

These truly wonderful photographs were taken by Steve Axford. Let’s leave Steve describe himself: I live in the Northern Rivers area of NSW and I am doing essentially what I like. What I like is photography and exploring the world. The world, for me, is dominated by living things and the planet we live on . My photography is an avenue…

Feature Post, Great Pics

Felix Salazar’s amazing pictures of aquarium corals


Felix Salazar is a very talented photographer currently working in Los Angeles. Among his favorite themes are corals, like these ones he photographed in salt water aquariums. The shocking variety of color almost makes it look like they’re enhanced in Photoshop, but Salazar ensures that his pictures are 100% real, no modifications. To me, this is yet another reminder that remarkable environments…

Feature Post, Great Pics

AstroPictures of the day: Mind blowing pictures taken by Reid Wiseman from the ISS.


The people onboard the International Space Station have been spoiling us with a lot of amazing pictures – and this one is no exception. Here, we see Africa embracing its northern neighbor, the Mediterranean sea. Reid Wiseman (which you can also follow on Twitter) often posts mind blowing pictures, like the ones above and below. All pictures taken from his…

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Photographer Takehito Miyatake – the brilliant light shows of Japan


Japanese photographer Takehito Miyatake is known for his breathtaking pictures, especially long exposure takes on fireflies, volcanic eruptions, and beaches awash in bioluminescencnt firefly squid. He likens his meditative photography to poetry, explaining that the exposure for his pictures can last anywhere between 15 seconds and half an hour. But the time spent on the exposure isn’t in vain. iyatake recently…

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Antarctica from Pole to coast, captured in stunning detail


A mosaic of more than 3,150 high-resolution satellite images creates the best continent-wide view since 1997. The result is the one you see below: The over three thousand pictures were taken in the Southern Hemisphere’s autumn of 2008, and tiled together into a coast-to-coast view of the entire continent with its coastal waters. The result is not only lovely to look…

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Satellite image shows the massive impact of forest fire


Big forest fires almost always hit the news and you hear about the destruction an carnage they cause – but you rarely hear about how difficult it is to treat their aftermath. This image highlights what remained behind the  huge compound wildfire triggered by multiple lightning strikes erupted in Washington state. The wildfire is reportedly 96 percent under control, and the…

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Stunning pictures of drugs under the microscope


Most people have a heart time putting into words what they experience when under the influence of some psychoactive drug – but Sarah Schönfeld decided to make this experience visual. The experiment was meant to transpose the change into another kind of sensory experience. The goal was observing the reaction of negative film to both legal and illegal combinations of substances to…

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Eight planets and a dwarf in one

The eight planets of our solar system and one dwarf planet shown approximately to scale. Image: Lunar and Planetary Institute

This magnificent painting by  Steve Gildea combines the planets of our solar system in one beautiful planetary mosaic. It’s a celebration of the geological diversity our solar system possess, illustrating each planet’s surface in the order they orbit the sun, starting from the battered Mercury to lonely Pluto. Speaking of which, Pluto is of course no longer classed as a…

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Stunning image of the Ebola virus emerging from a cell (Vero)


This stunning image was posted by reddit user AGreatWind and it depicts a cell line called Vero, from which the Ebola virus is emerging. Here, the thread like particles are the virus. “They are epithelial cells from the kidneys of green monkeys. Cells generally stick to a surface (such as a petri dish), forming a single layer, but after a few replication…