Great Pics

Antarctica from Pole to coast, captured in stunning detail

A mosaic of more than 3,150 high-resolution satellite images creates the best continent-wide view since 1997. The result is the one you see below: The over three thousand pictures were taken in the Southern Hemisphere’s autumn of 2008, and tiled together into a coast-to-coast view of the entire continent with its coastal waters. The result is […]

Satellite image shows the massive impact of forest fire

Big forest fires almost always hit the news and you hear about the destruction an carnage they cause – but you rarely hear about how difficult it is to treat their aftermath. This image highlights what remained behind the  huge compound wildfire triggered by multiple lightning strikes erupted in Washington state. The wildfire is not reportedly […]

Stunning pictures of drugs under the microscope

Most people have a heart time putting into words what they experience when under the influence of some psychoactive drug – but Sarah Schönfeld decided to make this experience visual. The experiment was meant to transpose the change into another kind of sensory experience. The goal was observing the reaction of negative film to both legal and […]

AstroPicture of the Day: Space Shuttle Concept (1969)

When you think about it, they weren’t really that far off from what we are doing today, which you can see below. However, some key elements are indeed different – can you spot them?

Eight planets and a dwarf in one

This magnificent painting by  Steve Gildea combines the planets of our solar system in one beautiful planetary mosaic. It’s a celebration of the geological diversity our solar system possess, illustrating each planet’s surface in the order they orbit the sun, starting from the battered Mercury to lonely Pluto. Speaking of which, Pluto is of course […]

Stunning image of the Ebola virus emerging from a cell (Vero)

This stunning image was posted by reddit user AGreatWind and it depicts a cell line called Vero, from which the Ebola virus is emerging. Here, the thread like particles are the virus. “They are epithelial cells from the kidneys of green monkeys. Cells generally stick to a surface (such as a petri dish), forming a single layer, […]

100 years ago, this telephone tower in Stockholm connected 5000 telephone lines

From 1887 – 1913 this amazing Telephone Tower served as the biggest telephone hub in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. About 5000 telephone lines were connected here. The building was so admired that even after it was decommissioned in 1913 it still remained as a historic building, until it was destroyed by a fire 40 years later. In […]

The winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

They received almost 20.000 entries and had to select the very best ones – but ultimately, a photograph of a dramatic storm cloud taken by Marko Korošec of Sezana, Slovenia won it all.Korošec has won an eight-day National Geographic Expedition to Alaska’s Inside Passage for two aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion or the National […]

A Child is Born: Lennart Nilsson’s iconic photo book [PHOTO GALLERY]

In 1965, Swedish photojournalist Lennart Nilsson published what was to become one of the most successful photographic book of all time – A Child is Born. From the first ovary fecundation to the last stage of fetal development, the book documents the birth of a new human being in beautiful detail. With millions of copies […]

Soap bubbles that look like planet [a lovely photo gallery]

Bridging science and art, Columbian photographer Santiago Betancur Z explores the intersection between the two by creating some mind dazzling art. His latest project involves photographing and filming colored soap bubbles under a dark background, whose seemingly random kaleidoscopic colors turn them into a familiar sight: planets. If you ever wondered how a psychedelic Jupiter must look […]

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