Ladies and gents (really, stay away from this one kids; trust me, save whatever is left of your innocence), I’ve got to admit this: I thought I forgot how to read. I read the study about 7-8 times, believing it was about half of all women. No, fail. It includes men. After the awe faded off, it made a bit of sense: the study/survey was funded by Church and Dwight Co. Inc. Don’t know who they are? Well, then you probably don’t use Trojan brand sexual products.

Of course, despite the fact that more than half of all women (study takes ages 18-60) in the US used one, the ‘highlight’ of the study is the discovery that 45 percent of men employed the help of the little buzzers at least once during intercourse or foreplay. Also, 17 percent used one… by themselves.

As for the women, the numbers are higher than that, with way more than half using vibrators, and 1 in 4 reported using one in the past month. There is a bit of controversy as to the effects of the practice. However, 3 quarters of all women who use constantly reported no side effects and men who use them in intercourse believe they ‘perform’ better (congrats to Houston on that).

For women, especially lonely women it’s actually good, and a healthy thing to do. But vibrators in foreplay seems a bit… redundant. Now, I don’t mean to judge and meddle with such things, but whatever happened to good old fashion foreplay? What ever happened to putting on some music, drinking some wine and just letting instincts take their course? For cryin’ out loud lads, you don’t need freaking batteries for that. Then again, maybe I’m having tunnel vision.

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  • russell

    Three out of my four ex girlfriends used vibrators even during foreplay/sex (and this doesn’t include the several other women who weren’t my girlfriends). They didn’t use them every time, but most of the time. There are a few reasons. Sometimes I don’t feel like going down, sometimes I don’t feel like using my hand, and sometimes they want a clitoral orgasm to go along with the vaginal orgasm. It’s mostly personal preference for the female, but the vibrator is an alternative to the hand, the tongue and the penis, and most women want as much pleasure during a session that they can possibly cram in, and the vibrator is a worthy source for additional pleasure.

  • RT

    “really, stay away from this one kids; trust me, save whatever is left of your innocence”

    Fuck you. Sex is not something to be ashamed of or disgusted about.

  • Thelonious

    >the discovery that 45 percent of men employed the help of the little buzzers at least once

    “At least once” – doesn’t really tell us much does it? Hardly worth the headline.

    So that would be “Half of ALL Americans have used a vibrator at least once” – pretty unspectacular

  • RTT

    @RTT, checkout the tags too. “World Problems”. Is this really so deserving of such a tag?

  • Wow, if 7 out of 10 believe in God… What would Pat Robinson say?

  • Not all women who masturbate are lonely, dude, hate to break it to you.

    Plus, vibrators can be an incredibly useful aid to sex. Most women can’t come from intercourse alone, some can’t come from anything but a vibrator, and some can’t come at all. While orgasms with sex are generally a given for a dude, they’re much more elusive for us chicks– and any man who would have a problem with a girl using a vibe in foreplay, sex, or after sex probably isn’t doing a very good job in bed even when the vibrator isn’t present.

    I’m actually encouraged by the numbers of people using vibrators alone, especially the number of men– it shows people are getting more comfortable with all aspects of their sexuality, and frankly, I think that’s a wonderful thing.

  • At first I was confused when you said men included. I thought that meant mean using them on themselves. Little scary news at first.

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  • Jables

    Its messed up that you tagged this as “World Problems”… As a man of science, you are pretty closed minded.

  • Jared, a lot of those men probably ARE using the vibrators on themselves, and there’s no reason that should be scary! Men are entitled to explore their sexuality, just as women are entitled to explore theirs… and the popularity of anal vibrators can probably be attributed to men, simply because women tend to focus on clit or rabbit style vibes.

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  • Ew. Lol.. I knew women used these, and i didn’t know guys did until i was about 17. It was disturbing to find out. Then I learned that it hits different kinds of orgasmic nerves and I was tempted to try one. I haven’t.. But I have thought about it

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  • omg

    THAT is fucken gross. there is no way i would stick one of those anywhere near my bits. it looks like some kind of mutant alien roadkill with cancer

  • omg

    ps russel, you are somewhat in error regarding your orgasm nomenclature. conflate the two and you’ll be on the ball

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