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Today marks 50 years since Telstar’s historic first live television broadcast by satellite

Telstar 1 was launched on top of a Thor-Delta rocket on July 10, 1962. It successfully relayed through space the first television pictures, telephone calls, fax images and provided the first live transatlantic television feed.

Exactly 50 years ago, on July 12 1962, the the world’s first active communications satellite, Telstar 1, transmitted the first live television signal by satellite. During this historic day, a live television program was for the first time beamed across the Atlantic in Europe, an event saluted by the people of the time as a technological marvel. Today, when approximately 3000 satellites are orbiting the Earth, people tend to take truly marvelous telecommunication feats for granted. The world has been getting smaller by minute since Telestar 1 was first launched into space, bringing people closer together. It’s important to note and understand that today’s easy access to information and instant communication from any…

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Infographic: the cost of SETI

the cost of seti infographic

As previously reported, SETI, the international organization which handles the search for electromagnetic transmissions from civilizations on distant planets, will shut down soon due to lack of funding. What’s really bothersome is that, although we all know we live in trouble economic times, the cost of keeping SETI going is simply peanuts for the US government or the huge corporations. The cost is $2.5 million – a travesty by all means when you consider the benefits such a project might provide. Imagine, the first contact with an extraterrestrial signal – it would certainly be greatest milestone in human civilization history. Sure, more pragmatic objectives have to be taken into consideration…

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Donate to tsunami victims in Japan


The recent tsunami wave that hit the Japanese coast this Friday simply devastated the countries costal areas. Besides the actual casualties (now reported to around 1,700), there are a few thousand people still isolated (footage of Japanese citizens stranded on rooftops have been circulating everywhere recently) and thousands more left homeless. The Japanese Government and the countless other nations that have flown down help are doing their best to help these people, but you can play a part in this as well. If you’re willing to lend a hand for the unfortunate, the easiest way is to donate. The fastest and easiest way to help the victims of this devastating…

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Smithsonian Wild – a database of wildlife photos 200,000 captured with automated cameras


Some animals in the wild are so elusive and hard to glimpse that they’re almost impossible to capture with a camera. This is why researchers often use trip cameras with motion sensors that film or photograph whenever an animal is in the vicinity. The Smithsonian today launched a new searchable website,, that presents more than 202,000 wildlife photos captured in this manner. The website both still photos and video clips of more than 200 species of mammals and birds, and you’ll also be able to learn more about each species by clicking through the reference links leading to Encyclopedia of Life, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and…

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Abandoned dog saves 12 lives

pearl black lab

Animals are great; if you’re not convinced, perhaps the story of Pearl, a black lab abandoned at an animal shelter will change your mind. Pearl was adopted by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, where after training she was certified as a search dog. In July this year, she was deployed to Haiti for two weeks, spending each day searching for earthquake victims. She dug, scratched and clawed her way through cement, rubble and dirt to find victims who were still alive, but trapped, and she is responsible for the saving of 12 people who would have otherwise remained trapped and unknown to rescuers. For her work, she was rightfully…


The ‘No Small Matter giveaway’ concludes

Well ladies and gents, it’s Christmas Eve, and it’s high time we conclude the giveaway. So without further ado, the random winners are: Reginald Challis and Beatrice Anton!! I’ll send the books as soon as they confirm and the postal office starts working, hopefully they’ll receive them this year. All in all, I’d like to thank you all, and for those that signed in for our page you’ll be automatically signed in for any other contest we have and you’ll receive the free ZME Science brochure, with our best posts and features, which I’ll probably have done by the end of January, but I don’t mean to bore you with…

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The ‘No small matter’ giveaway

Hello! I’ve been running ZME Science for more than 2 years now, and the support you’ve shown has been increasingly amazing! However, much to my shame, I’ve rarely thanked you like you deserve it. I rarely have time to write as much as I want, I make grammar mistakes (non English speaker, btw), and I often reply to emails after a day or two. Still, I love you guys, and I try to give back as much as I can. We’re gonna start doing a lot of giveaways and posters and … stuff (don’t wanna give you more details just yet), and this is the start. The day before yesterday…

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Earth Day 2009 – don’t let it be just another day!


In case you didn’t know, today is Earth Day and this year we are celebrating it for the 39th time. If you gladly supported Earth Hour this is a great new opportunity to show that you do care about the environment and that you believe in a sustainable future ( see here how). If you spent Earth Hour watching TV then you’d better ask about how Earth Day is celebrated in your area and if there is something going on check it out: it is up to each of us to make a change for the best! Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970 thanks to U.S….

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Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour is an initiative started by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund) that asks people everywhere in the world to turn off the light and other unnecessary household appliances for one hour, to raise awareness towards the need to tackle global warming and other environmental problems. The “grandfather” was an idea born in Thailand that was executed with a whole lot of success and in 2009, it’s estimated that 1 billion people will vote (by vote I mean turning off the light). So here’s what you have to do. In the last Saturday of March (that’s 28 March, tomorrow as I’m writing this) no matter where…

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ZME science contest [finished]


It’s not a science contest or a fair, or anything like that; it’s way simpler than that. Here’s how it works: What can you win: Two great books: “Into Thick Air” and “Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet” – I really recommend them, as they’re a very good read. How to win them: All you have to do is leave a comment with the email you are subscribed with; if you haven’t subscribed, you’ve got to do it. Then, two weeks from now, on June 19th, we’ll randomly select the two winners. So without further ado, may the contest begin! [UPDATE] Due to the fact that I had to take a small break from the…