Mutated cat poop parasite treats cancer

Right now, I’m the happy caregiver of seven cats (five kittens. Yey!) which in most people’s books makes me socially challenged and insane. I do take special notice of my pets, and this means looking after them so they don’t get infected by parasites. Cats are typically clean animals, but when infested can spell trouble […]

Koko’s compassion might show to the world that gorillas communicate

Just a while ago, I told you how researchers translated the chimpanzee gesture language. It was a real breakthrough, since the work proved chimps are the first animals that we know of  that intentionally communicate through gestures inside their own society, apart from humans. There are other animals, however, that can be taught to emulate […]

An animal that was thought extinct for the past 4 million years has resurfaced

Talk about a comeback! An international group of scientists report they’ve encountered evidence that suggests a long lost marine animal whose lineage can be traced back hundreds of millions of years ago and which was thought extinct for the past 4 million years is actually alive and well. The findings were made in Picton, New […]

Hundreds of amphibian species all over the world killed by fungus infection, but there may yet be hope

Since the 1990s, biologists have witnessed a sudden demise of amphibian species. So far, hundreds of species have become extinct after becoming plagued by a wretched fungus. From mountain lakes to meadow puddles, no matter the continent, frogs are dying everywhere – a demise that might spell an ecological meltdown. There may still be hope yet, according […]

Elephant starts crying after being released from 50 years of abuse

For 50 years, Raju the elephant was abused. He was shackled, held in spiked chains, his spirit and his body purposely broken. But that all change when finally, he was rescued by wildlife conservationists. When he realized that he was being saved, the elephant was so emotional that he started crying. “They [the rescue team] […]

Chimp gesture language translated – they’re the only ones besides humans to intentionally communicate

If you’ve ever watched chimps during a nature program and became startled by your own empathy towards them, you’re not alone. It’s no secret that chimps are our closest relatives out of all primates, having 98% similar DNA. It goes further than genetics – it’s enough to look a chimp in the eye. The reflection is more […]

Awesome Animals: The Piglet Squid

The piglet squid measures only a few centimeters across, and it’s one of the cutest animals out there! It can be found in virtually all oceans in the deep water, over 100 meters deep. Due to its tiny size and deep water habitat, the piglet squid is actually not that well studied and understood.   […]

Some penguins commit suicide, walking away from the sea, alone, towards their demise

Penguins are amazing creatures, living in some of the harshest conditions in the world. They have an extremely sociable behavior for birds, they have big egos, busy sex lives, and they also commit suicide. We don’t know why this happens. Sometimes, some penguins just head on to the middle of the icy desert, far away […]

The Blanket Octopus: Using stolen venomous tentacles as weapons

The blanket octopus is truly a remarkable creature. It exhibits extreme sexual dimorphism – while the males are only a few centimeters long, the females grow up to a whopping 2 meters! They are rarely seen and studied, so there are still some mysteries regarding the evolution of this dimorphism, but it’s known that males have […]

Kangaroos use their tail as an extra leg when walking

Professor Terry Dawson of the University of New South Wales and colleagues found that kangaroos use their tail as an extra leg when walking, actively participating with energy in the process, instead of using it like a strut as some literature would had us believe. The findings might prove to be important for robotics applications. Hoppity hop […]

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