Chinese doctors replace woman’s vertebrae with 3D printed titanium implants

Medical technology is entering a new era.

Elon Musk’s AI just beat the pros at Dota 2 — one of the most popular and complex computer games

Robots are now beating us at computer games.

Using flies to find the animals that live in a tropical forest

Follow the buzz.

Two butterflies thought to be different species are actually the same one

Can you tell by looking at them?

It’s becoming abundantly clear that politicians don’t understand encryption, and this is a problem

It’s not just counterproductive, it’s also impossible.

How technology is revolutionizing medicine

Medicine accelerating fast thanks to new tech like bionic eyes or implants that enable paraplegics to walks again.

Water-repelling surface makes dew droplets so small, they’re practically invisible

The breakthrough could help cool the hotspots of high-performance electronics.

Toyota to start selling long-range electric car by 2022

The automaker is teasing us with news of solid-state batteries that charge in minutes.

Social media is making mass surveillance easier than ever — and we’re just embracing it

Sharing your location with third party apps? Well then… I’ve got some news.

Don’t like to wake up to your alarm clock? Try this gentle birdsong app from Carnegie Museum

Sweeten those nasty mornings with a charming wake-up call.

Porsche announced it wants half of its cars to be electric by 2023

We’re witnessing a new age of sports cars.

India starts rolling out solar trains that might save millions of gallons of diesel

India’s getting serious about their green revolution, and they’re taking it step by step.

Science-based birth control app gets EU approval

The app, which is the brainchild of a Higgs Boson physicist, has been certified as a valid birth control in the European Union.

The first full system test for the Hyperloop is a success. Not a pipe dream anymore

The first functioning Hyperloop could open as early as 2019 in Dubai.

The “eelevator” gives migrating eels a ride past obstacles

The lift to save eel lives.

Moth eyes lead to glare-less phone screens

It’s another fantastic discovery inspired by nature.

Steaming fish makes for a healthier meal with fewer toxins

If you boil it, don’t drink the fish stock.

Why wheelie suitcases wobble out of control and what you can do to stop them

Ah, wheeled luggage — a necessary evil.

Solar paint makes hydrogen fuel from solar energy and water vapor

Power from thin-ish air!

Shape changing noodles are the future of pasta

Just add water.