Adding fibers to hydrogel, a soft material mostly made of water, makes it 5 times tougher than steel

By adding fibers, scientists have turned a soft gel into a material tougher than many metals.

Additive recycles incompatible mixed plastics into uber-polymer

It overcomes a major hurdle in plastic recycling.

The Nokia 3310 is finally here — with a standby time of a month

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Amazing inventions lost through time

Science has progressed amazingly in recent years, but a handful of spectacular inventions have remained lost to knowledge.

Muscle-like fabric could turn regular clothes into ‘Superman suits’

The fibers could be woven in clothes so those who have disabilities can enhance their mobility.

Bio-compatible wireless sensors developed to monitor brain injury

When no longer needed the devices can be deactivated to dissolve and be reabsorbed into soft tissue.

This new hair dye changes color based on temperature. Yes, it’s awesome

A UK company has revealed a stunning new type of hair dye which changes colors based on temperature.

Want to save a lot of money around the house? Buy a 3D Printer

A 3-d printer can make anyone at least 1000% return on investment over five years.

Mighty migrations: how technology is changing what we know

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Dystopia today: Official German watchdog tells parents a doll might be spying on their children

Technology is evolving faster than we can adapt to it.