Washington researchers want you to smoke pot — for science

For science!

Paper-thin device turns touch into electricity, flags into loudspeakers, bracelets into microphones


Novel 3D printing method makes furniture in vats of gel within minutes

I like everything about this!

New method can remove small, but dangerous, amounts of chemicals from freshwater

It could remove almost all traces of pesticides, medication, and detergents.

How butterflies have such a beautiful colour

They use the most advanced nanotechnology.

3D-printed bionic skin can give bots a sense of touch, protect soldiers from explosions

Show me some skin!

This is why space armor is becoming more important

Things are getting pretty dicey in outer space.

Human cartilage has been successfully 3D printed

Making new tissue could become as easy as bio-printing it.

Your phone’s case and your car’s tires may soon be made from renewable, plant sugars


Tesla will double the stations in its Supercharger network by the end of the year

It’s not clear if congestion issues will be solved, especially in California.