Which animals use tools?

Tool use ranges all the way from sponges and toothpicks to sex toys.

New robot picks peppers like a human

Robots are getting smarter and smarter.

New engineered spider silk material could lead to better wound stitches

Scientists believe they might have finally untangled the method of creating spider silk-like materials.

Better containers could significantly curb food waste, enable better food aid

Food aid shipments and many retailers have been using the same packaging for decades.

MIT researchers create extremely strong and light material from graphene flakes

The material is 10 times stronger than steel and is very light.

Google’s self-driving minivans will hit the streets in a few weeks

The future is now.

Sci-fi buffs everywhere, rejoyce! The UK military is developing laser weapons

The prototype should be delivered in 2019.

Amazon just completed its first drone delivery. It took 13 minutes

Release the swarm!

German fusion machine working as intended

Germany’s extremely complex fusion machine, the largest of its kind, is reportedly working as possible.

How to turn your smartphone into a functional microscope

The whole world is your laboratory.