Scientists discover LUCA, common ancestor of all living things

The single-celled organism thrived on hydrogen gas in extremely hot deep-sea vents.

Dolly sheep clones show no long-term health issues

Despite concerns, these clones have lived long and healthy lives.

Self-healing textiles might be the body armor of the future

The self-healing fabrics could break down lethal toxins before they reach the skin.

Scientists find a woman that can see 99 million more colors than you or me

Just one extra cell type can make a huge difference.

Scientists uncover unique speed and direction of Milky Way’s spinning ‘halo’

The findings could reveal the location of the missing matter of our universe.

Chinese scientists prepare for first human CRISPR gene-editing trial

The trial will alter T cells in an attempt to treat lung cancer patients.

Remote-controlled microrobots could be the future of medicine

Tiny robots might soon replace invasive surgery.