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Things are moving in the right direction in Texas.

Incredible fungi timelapse from BBC’s Planet Earth II

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10 Vintage National Park Posters that wanted to cure the Great Depression

When you’re broke, but at least you’ve got nature

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Amazing photos of Exp 49 astronauts touching down on Earth after 115 days in space

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Deliciously funny finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

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Artist Christo Guelov designs colorful street crossings to brighten your day

Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov turned boring pedestrian crossings into works of art.

World’s deepest underwater cave discovered in Czech Republic — explorers still haven’t reached the bottom

It’s so deep explorers had to use a submersible robot to map the cave. The rope wasn’t long enough, though.

Reykjavik switches city lights off for Nothern Lights, and it looks amazing

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Nat Geo showcases the beauty of nature, one picture at a time

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Amazing Cognitive Bias Chart shows Why You Shouldn’t always Trust your Judgement

We’re all seriously flawed.

Colours and language — how the two influence each other

There are as many colours as you can name. In some cultures, like Africa’s Himba tribe, they can only name five colours, for instance.

The Gist of Climate Change explained in one Amazing XKCD Comic

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NASA released the most awesome pictures of Mars’ surface to date

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Celebrating life one awesome picture at a time: the Welcome Image Awards 2016

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GeoPicture of the Week: Petrified Wood

Just like a number of creatures, wood can fossilize too.

NASA picture from the ’60s shows why you should be thankful for computers

Take a moment to consider that the first space flights, both for the Soviets and for NASA, took place way before computers.