What your pupil says about your language

A simple word is enough to trigger a reaction in your pupil.

Oxford student creates the first synthetic retina from soft, biological materials

A synthetic retina developed from soft materials offers new hope for the visually impaired.

Human cartilage has been successfully 3D printed

Making new tissue could become as easy as bio-printing it.

Beating human heart cells were grown on a spinach leaf

This “green” technology could help to solve the organ transplant shortage.

3D map of the pancreas offers new tool in diabetes research

It’s not flashy, but it might make a big difference.

Paleontologists find 6.2 million year old wolf-sized otter

It was adorable, but also terrifying.

Why it doesn’t get dark when we blink

Blinking is strange, at least in one regard.

New soft heart robot could save many lives from heart failure

A soft, customizable robot fits around a human heart and helps it beat.

The appendix keeps you healthy and your gut bacteria happy, study finds

Happy gut bacteria are the best bacteria.

A minority of women go through extreme PMS – and now we know why

Researchers have discovered that a minority of women go through severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms due to a hormonal abnormality.