“Bio-energy healing stickers” are a scam. Now, debunked by NASA

NASA called “bullshit.”

Extra-virgin olive oil might prevent Alzheimer’s and protect your brain

It’s really, really good for you.

Meaning is better than repetition when you’re trying to memorize

Try it for finals.

A mutation might extend the lifespan of some men by ten years

Some are lucky.

Steaming fish makes for a healthier meal with fewer toxins

If you boil it, don’t drink the fish stock.

Dogs will sniff out stomach cancer in new Japanese trial

You can trust a dog’s nose.

What your pupil says about your language

A simple word is enough to trigger a reaction in your pupil.

Antimicrobials do more harm than good, according to statement signed by 200 researchers

Don’t fall for a catchy name — regular soap works just as fine as antimicrobials, without any risks.

Cute animal therapy can be exactly what you need to put the spark back into your marriage

Then again, do you really need a reason to take “cute animal therapy”?

Making art activates your brain’s pleasure pathway

Scientists suggest we should spend a bit more time doodling.