Don’t be rude to your child’s doctor – it will make them perform poorly

Scolding doctors

The appendix keeps you healthy and your gut bacteria happy, study finds

Happy gut bacteria are the best bacteria.

When someone challenges your political views, your brain treats them as a threat

So maybe don’t talk politics over Sunday dinner.

Heavy video gaming in teens could point to depression, if it’s always playing alone

Sometimes a game is just a game. Sometimes it’s a way to cope.

Study finds correlation between eating hot peppers and longer lifespan

Like spicy foods? There’s a good chance you might get to live longer.

Russia plans to ban all tobacco sales in 2033

No smoking here. Only vodka.

An old game console could challenge all we know about how the brain works

And it can run Donkey Kong. Can your brain do that? Didn’t think so.

Scientists discover ‘hunting circuits’ that can turn fuzzy rats into fuzzy murderous rats

It’s pretty scary that they can do it to be honest.

Massive report on cannabis confirms health benefits, calls for more research

Roll up! Your sleeves so we can do some research, of course.

You can’t keep eye contact during conversation because your brain can’t handle it, study finds

It’s doing its best though.