Your past teenage self might as well be a whole different person by the time you’re 77 years old, study says

With each passing day we diverge slightly from the person we were just a moment ago.

LSD gets stuck in your brain — literally. This could help us develop better (health) drugs

A new study sheds some light on what drug-takers have known or years: acid trips last a long time.

We now have a malaria vaccine that is up to 100 percent effective

A lifelong dream may have come true. Half a million deaths every year could be averted thanks to this vaccine.

New study finds a myriad of applications for crab sugar

A review of recent research found that an unexpected mixture could do wonders for bone regeneration and wound healing.

The Hunger Games: Extreme calorie reduction may increase lifespan

Five days of hunger a month could significantly reduce aging and age-related medical conditions.

We could eat 90% of the fish we feed other fish

Warning: I say ‘fish’ lots of times in this article.

Vitamin D can protect against flu and cold, meta-analysis study confirms

But you still shouldn’t take supplements if you’re not Vitamin D deficient.

Taxing junk food and subsidizing healthy items will make us live longer and save billions in the health system

That’s 500,000 extra years of healthy life and more than AUD 3 billion in costs for Australia’s current population.

The story behind human growth hormone

Motivated by the “anti-aging” movement, people are placing their faith into all sorts of alleged cures, but does the science back things up?

What doesn’t kill you does, in fact, make you stronger, new study indicates

A new research has found why brief bodily stresses are good for your health and longevity.