Facial recognition software can diagnose rare genetic disease with 96% accuracy

It’s similar to how Facebook’s facial tracking algorithm works, only much more useful.

Drug reverses aging in mice. The rodents saw increased stamina, better organ function, and restored fur

For humans, the same kind of therapy seems years away.

Peer to your peers for motivation, not your teachers, if you actually want to study

Surprisingly, getting neither isn’t that bad for your results.

‘It’s not your fault’: Two-thirds of cancers are due to random genetic mutations, but lifestyle is still very important

Only 29 percent of cancers can be attributed to lifestyle or environmental factors while heritability could explain 5 percent of cancer mutations.

Beating human heart cells were grown on a spinach leaf

This “green” technology could help to solve the organ transplant shortage.

The Fellowship of the Ring needed 675 pieces of lembas bread to reach Mordor, study finds

They would have needed fewer pieces of lembas if it weren’t for those hungry ‘stinking hobbitses’.

Organized information may be creativity’s death knell, study found

Sometimes, we need a little chaos to get the cogs turning.

Medical breakthrough: first patient cured of a rare and painful blood disorder called CDA

Fewer than 1,000 cases are reported worldwide. Now, a breakthrough procedure offers hope to these patients who have to undergo blood transfusions every couple of weeks.

Intellectual humility might just be the most underrated personality trait

How likely are YOU to change your beliefs based on facts?

If stem cells don’t grow as you want them to, just add a dash of parsley-husk scaffolding

To be fair it works with other plants too, but I was shooting for a culinary title.