The world lost 7% of its pristine forests since 2000

Some countries might lose all their virgin forests in the next 20 years.

New high-tech shelter reminds us that Chernobyl is still deadly, thirty years after the meltdown

The new one is much better than the last one though.

Environmentalists plead Japanese and French banks to stop financing coal-fired plants in Indonesia

A story of broken promises and land grabbing.

Historic U.S. court ruling says stable climate is a fundamental right, okays bunch of kids to sue the federal government

Changing things from the ground up.

Damned Rivers: The Story of Pristine Rivers About to be Shackled for Energy

These rivers are absolutely damned.

Human-driven global warming responsible for half of burned forests in the Western U.S.

The planet is on fire.

Why meat is unsustainable and what the protein chain of the future ought to look like

By the end of the century, the planet is expected to clock ten billion hungry mouths. If everyone ate meat, we’d be in a lot of trouble.

Coffee-infused foam removes 99% of lead and mercury from water

Scientists have developed a sustainable and efficient filter for water from something most houses have in excess: coffee grounds.

We’ve killed off 10% of Earth’s wilderness since the 1990s

We’re killing off the planet’s wildlife – quickly.

Yosemite park buys 400-acre property on its western border, the largest expansion in nearly 70 years

More park for your buck.