Mihai Andrei

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Andrei put a lot of work and heart into ZME Science ever since he was a student. He is always looking for the most interesting subjects, explaining them in a way that everybody can understand. He believes education is the key towards a sustainable future and he tries to convince people into becoming better citizens of the planet. He majored in Geology and Geophysics, but also specialized on environmental issues.

Tibi Puiu

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TP is the man with the tweaks and nice ideas. Tibi’s background is in Mechanical Engineering, but that doesn’t keep him from sharing the latest valuable advancements from a slew of fields that interest him, from genetics, to quantum computing, to astrophysics.

Andrew Kays 

Andrew Kays

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UF journalism/anthro undergrad, runner, sharer of all things science. Genetics, history, and correcting society’s misconceptions are a few favorites.

Henry Conrad

henry conrad zme science

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Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters.

Mara Bujor

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Mara is one of our favorite collaborators. She’s always been interested in things that make her think, that spin her gears. She doesn’t consider herself to be a scientist but rather a seeker on his way to new and exciting answers. She’s also a believer in the educational value of the Internet.


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