Hurricane Harvey pushed Houston’s crust down by 2 cm

The 275 trillion pounds of water are taking their toll.

Hurricane Irma already being picked up by seismographs — instruments that detect earthquakes

It might be even worse than Harvey.

Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks have been completely digitized — and you can read them for free

It’s a challenging but very rewarding read.

How northern lights and stranded whales might strangely be connected

The northern lights might be a brilliant spectacle for some, but they spelled doom for some unfortunate sperm whales.

Hurricane Irma is the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic. It’s set to make landfall in the US

If you thought Harvey was bad, Irma promises to be even worse.

Diverse landscape are more resilient and productive in the face of climate change

If we want to save the planet, we need to keep it diverse.

More problems in Texas — Chemical plants start leaking after Harvey

Everything is bigger in Texas — floods and pollution included.

Amazing timelapse video shows Harvey flooding a parking lot

A flood of biblical proportions.

The best photos from the 2017 Bird Photographer of the Year

These are some brilliant entries.

Starting school half an hour later could help students and save $9 billion / year

How is 8AM school time still a thing?

Insects see in much better resolution than we thought

I spy, with my little thousand eyes…

Researchers find tantalizing evidence of mid-sized black hole in the Milky Way

If confirmed, this could indicate a remarkable progress in modern physics.

How science knows when nations are testing nuclear bombs — even when they are lying

We can’t deduce everything, but we can deduce A LOT.

World’s biggest X-ray laser comes online in the Germany city of Hamburg

We will be able to see the very fabric of the world make and break.

Every other day, a new species is discovered in the Amazon

There’s also some bad news…

CDC: Homeopathic “healing bracelet” dramatically increases lead levels in babies’ blood

You know how you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

Nanomachines destroy cancer by drilling holes into it

Zap the cancer away.

Chinese scientists create supercapacitors from fallen autumn leaves

From fallen leaves to hi-tech electronics.

Scientists combine spider silk with graphene, create incredibly powerful web

The best part? The spiders themselves produce it.

Harvey flood: Fire ants make raft from their body to survive and protect their eggs

It’s the stuff of nightmares.