One Year On: NASA, Coolness, and Curiosity

Is space exploration boring? We’ve come a long way since the moon landing and the relatively exciting space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Back then, the universe was there to be conquered by the superpowers. How things have changed. It’s the 21st century and the Soviets are long gone. The Russian space program is proving successful,

Ten reasons to join social media today

There’s little reason to explain what social media is nowadays, seeing how we’re simply bombarded by social channels from all directions. After all, everyone’s on Facebook, right? Truth be told, social media isn’t entirely new -it’s been on the web since its early days actually, ever since the first forums and blogs surfaced. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the likes have

How has the Portrayal of Hackers Changed over Time?

What image does the word ‘hacker’ conjure up? University geeks creating online chaos for their own amusement? A criminal gang stealing millions from non-savvy tech users? Or an anti-capitalist anti-hero wreaking havoc on multinational corporations? Throughout the history of tech, the hacker has been all of these things, and more. Here’s a quick look at how the image of hackers

The Humans Behind the Hacking

Hacking has come a long way since its (relatively) innocuous beginnings.

Is a single disk wipe enough to secure an SSD drive?

The growing use of Flash memory for storage with top end devices now available in the Terabyte region, has brought on the need for ever more effective technologies for not only recovering data from a Flash drive, but also for effectively wiping them. There are a number of important differences between legacy mechanical hard drives and Flash drives which can

Fighting Wildfire With Aerial Firefighting

Aerial firefighting was first employed to minimize damage from napalm attacks during World War II. Following the war, many more potential uses were investigated. Recently, aerial firefighting has proven to be quite effective in fighting wildfires. As techniques are refined, aerial firefighting has proven flexible in many situations and adaptable to different types of aerial equipment, spelling good news for

Can phone recycling help save the Eastern African Gorilla?

It is common that most of our gadgets contain a substance by the name of Coltan, particularly our mobile phones.

How to use Android Spy: 5 funny ideas

Android has dominated smart phones. Everywhere you go, the mall, coffee shop, restaurants, offices, you will most likely see the trademark Android mascot on people’s phones. You know the green robot with cute antennas and a wide smile? Who would miss that? Android phones are preferred by many because of the amazingly cool and trendy software and applications. A recent

Science ABC: An overview on cord blood and stem cell treatment

Every medical practitioner took an oath and swore to provide the best kind of care and service to people above all else – the Hyppocratic oath. Because of this, doctors and medical experts continuously study the human body and other, related subjects to further understand different diseases and treatment and improve as time passes. We rely on their studies to

Genetic Health Testing for Predisposition to Cancers

Genetic health tests have enabled the layman at home to learn more about their genes and discover possible links between their genetic code and some diseases such as cancer. Cancer, an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells, is a common disease and the current era has been characterized by a cancer epidemic where the prevalence of cancer seems to be on the increase.